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Empowering the excess and surplus insurance market with reliable, tailored solutions.



Welcome to Pinpoint, where we specialize in Excess and Surplus (E&S) insurance, delivering custom solutions to the most challenging market segments. Founded by Brad J. Sickinger in 2021, our mission has been to harness extensive industry experience and cutting-edge technology to simplify and enhance the insurance experience. As a national program administrator, managing general agency, and surplus lines brokerage, Pinpoint is dedicated to innovating insurance offerings and building trust through creative, flexible solutions.

At Pinpoint, we pride ourselves on being built from the ground up, utilizing state-of-the-art policy and MGA management systems to ensure efficiency and reliability. Our approach combines deep industry expertise with advanced technology to offer a simpler, smarter, and faster way to secure coverage. Focused on the $100 billion E&S market, our underwriter-led team is known for its agility and capacity to think outside the box, bringing invaluable insights and tailored options to our clients.

Our executive management team comprises seasoned leaders in E&S property and casualty insurance, underwriting, technology, data analysis, operations, and business development. Their proven track record in launching and growing businesses is a cornerstone of our operational excellence.

Pinpoint specializes in making the insurance process smoother for brokers and their clients by providing quality coverage options that meet unique needs. We collaborate with industry-leading retail and wholesale brokers, carriers, and other market participants who share our vision of revolutionizing specialty insurance.

Join us at Pinpoint, where we make it easier to navigate the complexities of E&S insurance with confidence, ensuring you always have the best coverage options at your fingertips.


Founder Spotlight

Brad embarked on his insurance career by taking on significant roles at leading companies, including Allianz AGCS, Willis HRH, Marsh, and AIG. As Chief Underwriting Officer for Transportation NA at Allianz AGCS, he was instrumental in developing key initiatives in the Transportation Marketplace.


In 2021, Brad established Pinpoint Insurance in Milwaukee, WI, and continues to serve as its President. Under his leadership, Pinpoint writes over $15M GWP and is on track to achieve significant growth this year and beyond. Brad has successfully developed and managed a sophisticated policy issuance system and ensures rigorous oversight of claims and partner relationships.

Throughout his career, Brad has launched and developed multiple nationwide transportation programs. Notably, he played a key role in the foundation and development of Foundry Insurance Group, a significant market in the Transportation Segment. His initiatives have consistently emphasized profitability and sustainability, setting high industry standards. Following Pinpoint’s acquisition by AM Specialty Insurance Group ("AM Holding Company") in 2024, Brad now also leads the transportation direct-underwriting division at AM Specialty Insurance Company (ASIC).

Brad J. Sickinger



Pinpoint, an AM Specialty Insurance Group Company

Pinpoint is a subsidiary of AM Specialty Insurance Group ('AM Holding Company'), and as such is backed with A- rated paper from AM Best. This affiliation underscores our stability and reliability, providing a solid foundation that empowers us to deliver exceptional service and coverage.


Strengths that speak for themselves

Fast Process

Pinpoint simplifies and speeds up the insurance process, allowing for quicker responses. This helps you get quotes more swiftly, enhancing your ability to serve your customers.


Our experienced team ensures that each client receives tailored advice and solutions. We believe that strong personal relationships are key to our success and your satisfaction.

Better Coverage

We work with brokers to design products with high-quality, flexible coverage options, ensuring that you and your customers have access to the best possible protection.

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